Thursday, June 14, 2012

Again and again and again...

Staff cannot be consistently incompetent.  They must hate working in GPC

One day (Monday) that is all it took for my love affair to end after everything went without stress for me in that the staff made sure that everything was as it should, on Tuesday feeling that finally staff will make sure that Randy is ready for his daily 6-8 hour trip with me, I want freedom from stress every time I take Randy off site but it was not to happen.  When Randy and I were on the bus (Broadway and Cambie) he coughed up a lot of mucous.  I asked him if a nurse suctioned him before he left the ward.  He indicated no.  I asked him if he needed a suction as we could get off the bus or could he wait until we got to Tinsel Town park.  He nodded yes.  I watched him very carefully to make sure he was breathing okay.  At Tinsel Town I discovered that the plastic tubing from the portable suction machine to the red suction tube was missing.  I momentarily panicked.  I then decided to take Randy to an Atira building and call 911. When the ambulance arrived I assured them that Randy only needed the tubing.  Although 911 wasn't allowed to do suctioning they gave me one so I could do it myself.   Hours later I again tried to suction Randy and this time the suction machine would not pick up.  It was not sufficiently charged. I then noticed that the suction machine was not a clean one as the water bottle was 1/4 full meaning that no one had checked or cleaned the equipment from Monday. I then took Randy back to George Pearson Centre and had to wait 30 minutes before someone came to get Randy.  The nurse that came to get Randy commented that Randy was soaking wet as it had started to rain when I took Randy off the bus and had to walk with him two blocks to the entrance..He wasn't soaking wet but he was rained on.

And to top it off that woman who picks up poo in the lane put poo in my flower box again. At least this time it wasn't on the door step. I am so careful with the doggies' poo that I even pick it up with paper toweling before I put it in a plastic bag so not even a whisper of poo remains on a blade of grass. If that wasn't bad enough she started screaming that I was being cruel to Missey.  Missey is a golden retriever who is a senior now who decided to sit in the lane and not move.. And as I tried to pull her collar towards the door, she wiggled out of it, with a look of complete joy on her face that she could foil my efforts.  I turned my back on the doggie with that woman screaming animal cruelty so she could attract the neighbours,  I then said bye  Missey and a few minutes later Missey followed me inside. So now I have a dog off leash in the lane and expecting another $250 fine. I am going on 70 and I do not need this.


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