Saturday, June 16, 2012

Moira Stillwell, MLA

I just came from the Oakridge Seniors Centre where Dr.Moira Stillwell MLA for Langara was doing her quarterly get together with the seniors.  Being a doctor she assured me that I wasn't crazy just frustrated. And the members who were there agreed that I should not have had to go through this frustration. Moira also agreed with me that Vancouver Coastal Health is being overly cautious re my behavior and it wasn't anything personal.And when I mentioned to the group that I could only see Randy from 2:00 to 4:00 for the most part during the day when the day is active on his ward rather than weekends, evenings and holidays, they were angry as weekends, holidays and evenings are when visiting hours should happen. And when I said even during my restrictive hours I could not visit Randy at his bedside, the anger got more intense. I am now allowed to visit him in the hot piano room on site from noon to 4:00 seven days a week but I can take him off site for as long as Randy/I want. Go figure. Randy is in a high risk ward and I am not allowed to be at his bedside. I believe that the reason for my banning from Randy's bedside is because the if I did go to Ward 2 the bullies would feel uncomfortable no other reason.

Ken D, a school board trustee was there to assure the audience that their grandchildren will be educated.  He also said he would bring up my suggestion that the board provide continuing education for those in extended care facilities (volunteer lectures by student teachers on academic topics): education being a quality of life issue.

Randy is again refusing his stomach feed so according to the Smith Judgment re Assisted Suicide I am glad because now the health authority cannot use the argument that Randy is refusing treatment as he has been diagnosed as clinically depressed and under equality he has to be afforded the same protection i.e. the health authorities cannot help him to commit suicide.VCH will have to force feed him if necessary.

A good day over all.

Thank you Lynn Smith.

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