Monday, June 11, 2012

Randy's Anniversary

It has been two years since Randy's accident and the days are melting into one ...

Today for the first time I can remember nothing went wrong.  Randy was delivered to me on time, appropriately dressed, etc.  I can't remember a time before when everything was as it should be including the suction machine, his feed and his toilet..  Randy became relaxed as he visited his friend Alfred...Randy has always had a calming affect on me.

There is a recent report by CBC W5: Long Care Faciliites May Put Seniors at Risk March 31, 2012, where there has been a shift from nursing home for the elderly to residential care facilities that are dumping grounds for those who have no where else to go including the young, the mentally ill, and the violent.  And of course none of this is known to other residents or I suspect staff working with them. The report also mentioned that care workers work as though they are on an assembly line. Thank you BCGEU and the RN Union.. The trend is now for families to hire personal care workers if they can afford to. In the CBC Report a mother was paying $63,000 a year in addition to the cost of the care facility to make sure her father is safe.  I saw two incidents of this when I was allowed on Ward 2 at GPC.  And I am being forced to take Randy off site to ensure he is getting the attention he needs as I am banned from his bedside  

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