Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vancouver General Hospital vs. XXXXXX

I was sent the Oral Reasons for Judgment on appeal of an Injunction dated September 3 1998 between Vancouver General Hospital and XXXXXX by Risk Management.  I can't believe Bob blanked out in black the name of the Defendant.  It is a public court document so why would VGH black out the name of the Defendant. Besides it wasn't even the document I wanted I wanted the Reasons why the Injunction failed not the reasons for why the Injunction lost on appeal.

The document nevertheless says at common law VCH has the right to control access to its property in the context of that it concludes is in the best interests of its institution and the patients and staff in that institution.  The only problem with that is that the common law referred to was when the common folk did not pay for hospitals or have universal  health care or know the benefit of family for recovery.  Hospitals are now paid by taxpayers and overseen by the legislature and the expectations of the public are different. The common law is archaic.

Randy was in GPC for over a year until I was told by other residents that residents cannot be forced to stay inside and they could go off site.

Randy was imprisoned for close to two years  without him or me knowing that if Randy wanted to see me he could.  His wheelchair could be transported to the sidewalk even if I was banned.  And VCH although they knew they could not constructively imprison Randy chose to do so. 

Randy did not feel the sun for two years. (at 1.5 years at GPC and six months at VGH). Staff is not allowed to take Randy outside to the patio. Me being subject to harsh bullying by visitors, residents and staff which has never been addressed by VCH and then being banned for trying to be friendly with residents is absurd.  VCH works on the premises that it is never at fault.  Banning at most should only be for a few days not forever. 

And what about Randy was it ever discussed with him that he can't see me when he wants to. No the most important person and he was left out of the loop. The policy at GPC is that visiting is from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm each day and visitors have access to the common areas of the hospital without asking permission beforehand or as I have seen it visitors saying hi or good evening to residents.. But I am not allowed in the common areas or speaking to residents but the residents have to talk to me first.

VCH must have a policy not to advise what your rights are or even what services are provided. If you do not know then that is your problem. On Friday I learned that there is a massage therapist available for residents.  It took me two years to learn this and then not staff but a resident told me. I also recently found out that the two short sessions Randy goes for physiotherapy per week was for respiratory only and not the whole body.  How can he try to learn to walk when the therapy is only so he can  breathe. He has to have hope.

It is a wonder that Randy is still alive.

I am going to make a monetary plea for the GPC Recreation Department.  The equipment, supplies and outings are mostly funded by the Marpole Ladies Auxiliary and it is hard for the Ladies to raise sufficient cash.  Residents should have more than one outing every three months.  So send money to the Recreation Department George Pearson Centre, 700 West 57th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6P 1S1  604.321.3231. My plea is especially directed to those that are employed at George Pearson Centre.  I am sure they all can afford to donate one-hour of their salary to a cause that they see everyday.


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