Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another You Tube Moment

I experienced a very interesting July 1st 2012.  I went and got Randy at 2:00 pm and we went to Oakridge to buy him a new cap.   While there I asked him if he just pooed and he nodded  yes.  I rushed him home to attend to him.  The You Tube moment occurred when he put his legs on my shoulders while in his wheelchair so that he could lift up his bum a fraction of an inch so I could pull out his hospital diaper; and again when I cleaned up his liquid poo remaining on his bum; and again when I put on one of my Depends on him.  That was at 3:00 and then at 5:00 p.m. he again had a bowel movement, and the process had to be repeated. I do not understand why he is pooing when he is off site is happening as the hospital is suppose to be regulating his pooing with their bowel movement days wherein residents are forced to have bowel movements.  I saved the evidence so that Tanu cannot suggest that I am making it up.  Both poos were substantial. One thing for sure is that his physiotherapy must be working as he can lift his bum up an inch but then I do not think physio knows he can do this.  Surprise. surprise.

I am very confused over the reasoning VCH use.  The patient has a right to refuse treatment and when I voiced my concern when Randy was refusing to take his tube feed or water I was told that that Randy had a right to take his own life as he was capable.  However GPC has a forced policy that the residents have to be have a BM (bowel movement) day.  I wish VCH would make up its mind: are they encouraging death or life. 

If that wasn't bad enough I was also faced again with Randy's peepee tube wasn't on his peepee. This upset Randy as he doesn't like to have peepee into his hospital diaper.  I won't either as my experience before I was banned was if Randy had a bowel movement the nursing staff would leave it for the next shift to look after.

And to top it off the suction machine I had wasn't fully suctioning.  It isn't a life and death situation as Randy can breathe on his own for a few hours not being a medical person it is scary..

And then I asked Randy if the nurse from yesterday gave the book I purchased for him on Saturday so he could read it.  He said the nurse did not give it to him.  I want Randy to read as I am scared that if he doesn't he will lose his ability to spell and won't be able to use his letterboard to primitive communicate.   How stupid of me as such a request is not part of her job description.  Like no one told me last June 2011 that Randy's television fell to the floor and for a month he had nothing to watch except the ceiling.  A friend who seldom visits Randy phoned and said did I know that Randy did not have a televison.  Randy is a non-speaking quad and the only thing he can do is watch television.  I was there everyday for my two hour visit in the a room off his ward protected by security and no staff or security cared enough to tell me but then stupid me that is not in their job description.

The only thing I resent about spending six to eight hours a day with Randy off site is that his care is now taking so much energy from me that I do not have the time to devote to go after the bullies at GPC.

I was told the reason for my banning was and is because residents/patients are afraid of me and they are vulnerable.  Since I can't ask any of these residents/patients if this was true as I am banned from talking to them, I can only surmise.  But I assure readers that there is no resident/patient in George Pearson Centre who is vulnerable.   They may not be safe from other residents and staff but vulnerable NO.  If you get close to any of the residents/patients every single one of them have the resolve of steel otherwise they would not be in George Pearson Centre, the dumping ground for the Province's disabled, they would be dead. I admire every one of them.


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