Friday, July 20, 2012

Illogic becomes the Norm

I was told by Tanu, the charge nurse in Ward 2, that the reason the call bells ring continuously is because the staff firstly assists the resident/patient and after the resident/patient is treated then the call bell is shut off.  When Randy was in Vancouver General Hospital the reverse happened.  Residential care facilities must have their own peculiar backward style. 

Why aren't the Ward 2 bullies and Joy the Resident Council President who live on Ward 2 doing something to lessen the ringing like making sure whoever is ringing the call bell is not alone.My experience is that patients who ring call bells incessantly are just lonely and afraid.

I asked Randy if he knew where the ringing was coming from and he nodded yes and he pointed.    It was coming from the open ward, not one of the private rooms.  The open ward has tons of nurses running why does it take more than three rings for a patient to be attended to. I asked Randy if the noise annoyed him and he replied yes.

The bizarre logic of Tanu equals the illogical logic of another RN who told me that Randy isn't allowed a land line phone near his bed (after it was installed at my expense) as he might strangle himself.  Randy is in an open ward, he can barely move so how is it conceivable that he can strangle himself.  

In the context of the GPC environment these bizarre justifications are reasonable. These justifications are so illogical that everyone believes them.

When Randy was put in Ward 2 no one came up to him and introduced himself/herself to him, nor did anyone introduce themselves to me. Willey the visitor bully didn't even know Randy's name after four months and his wife's bed is next to Randy's and Willey lives at GPC and has for nine years or maybe it is ten now. Willley is a poster child in the infamous You Tube video: Envisioning Home.  Everyone is family at GPC, he says.  Enough to nauseate. And there is Patricia equally as nauseating in Ward 2 who won't let me use the toilet in Ward 1 which Ward  has been abandoned to a few offices as seeing me walk pass her to the toilet  makes her feel uncomfortable. And she is also in the infamous video that no one views. I sure would like to know how much Vancouver Coastal Authority paid for that three part propaganda video.  The money could have been directed to hiring staff to cater to the incessant call bell ringers.

I asked two staff; two residents; two religious minister, who died last Sunday and when would be the memorial service.No one could tell me. No one knew.  A person dies is stuffed in a body bag and no one knows.  George Pearson Centre is suppose to be a residential facilities where everyone are friends.  Some residents have been living there for 42 years.  Friends should know when a friend dies especially in a group home.  What logic am I going to hear on this.  The dead resident didn't want anyone to know he died.  Randy was never asked if he did not want anyone to know if he died or not.  So who are making these crazy disrespectful rules over a resident's death. The residents should have say not staff who wants to cut additional work so they do not have to deal with questions or a relative who hasn't seen the resident for six years or worse yet the person had no relatives as he was a non-person under the Public Guardian and Trustee Act.  There is something terribly wrong when a person can die and there is no public acknowledgment.of his life.


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