Monday, July 9, 2012

Nothing Unexpected

Yesterday was like most days nothing unexpected happened.  Nothing changes at GPC.

When I spoke to the City bus driver on my way home, as the bus before sped past me not stopping. I asked him is the reason that buses do not stop is it because the drivers are daydreaming.  And he said could be..  I then explained that is the same experience I encountered with the staff at George Pearson Centre.  The bus driver said that he used to work twenty years ago as a nurse on Ward 6 which is now Ward 2: high risk residents/patients.  The reason the employees daydream and work as if each patient is on a timed assembly line, is because they are: there is no job satisfaction and you just work to get your pay, he explained..  That was twenty years ago and now it is even worse with narrower and narrower job descriptions for each level of nursing.  A nurse can't even take a resident onto an adjacent patio to the Ward even through there are french doors and the patient can be seen from the nursing station.  It has to be done by a family member or a volunteer. Volunteers are hard to come by spontaneously. Volunteers are mostly wanting to be med students and volunteering is part of their admission requirement.  GPC is the last place young people want to be. So far I haven't come across one volunteer whose career plan isn't in the medical field.

When I mentioned earlier in one of the posts that LPNs who also referred to themselves as "lowest paid nurses" earn $100,000 a year I forget to mentioned the benefit of future pension money.  So, they are earning $50.00 an hour if not more and the myth still exists that they are so very underpaid. But compared to an assembly line worker for Ford Canada ($100 an hour) maybe they are low paid. 


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