Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Safety Issue

On Monday Randy seemed so happy as I had given him a pointer so that he could extend his pointing (one means of him communicating as he cannot speak).  It was like a watershed.  Now he can point to specific things he wants while in his chair.He was so happy. When we go shopping to get out of the heat we go to Oakridge Mall he is always pointing at things and I do not know what specific thing he is pointing at.  The pointer enabled him to communicate.  I tied the pointer to a piece of yarn and attached it to his wheelchair.  When I returned him to George Pearson Centre on Monday the nurse who came to get Randy without even a pleasant good evening noticed the pointer and took the pointer and said it was a safety hazard.  She said she would put it in his bag hanging on the back of his wheelchair.  Yesterday the pointer wasn't in the bag.  Of course me being paranoid as I suspect that the pointer is now going to be used as part of the evidence VCH is collecting to attest that I am giving weapons to Randy with my explicit instruction to Randy to attack staff so that the Public Guardian and Trustee can become his sole guardian and his guardian will rely upon George Pearson Centre as to who can see Randy and I will assuredly be on the list of those not allowed to see Randy. I was once accused by Tanu of feeding Randy a Big Mac as staff found its wrapping on his wheelchair. Of course, no one showed me the evidence.  But then maybe I forgot to ask for it.

The point is not my paranoia but rather the safety issue.  On Sunday while waiting to get Randy so we could go to the church service at GPC, there was nothing to read while waiting, so I started to listen to the noises of the hospital.  I could hear a resident's call/help bell and I started counting. It rang 110 times from the time I noticed it before it stopped. It could have rang 200 times.   

The point is staff is quick to decree that a pointer is a safety hazard rather than a communicative device for someone who cannot talk or write and yet no one is quick enough to answer a call/help bell. 

GPC's elaborate plan to ban me isn't really working well for them, I assume the next step will be that I won't even be allowed to wait for Randy in the piano/family/visitors room across from security so I won't be able to hear the noises of the hospital and they will be wheeling Randy out to the roadside (57th Avenue and Cambie) so I won't be able to access a blade of GPC's grass. But then the problem will be who will wheel him to the roadside as the nurses are not allowed to do this and neither is security.  What a logistic problem Randy has created for GPC. And to think that all these problems can be time lined back to an interview that I had with a social worker at Vancouver General Hospital who decided that I should never see Randy again.  The problem with the system is that social workers are telling doctors what to do.  And the doctors to save time concur with erroraneous judgment calls of social workers justifying their approval as social workers are officers of the court and they know what is best for everyone.


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