Sunday, August 5, 2012

Anniversary of Code Blue

Saturday was Randy's anniversary of his Code Blue in 2011.

And it was like most days it was an awful day.  I woke up to the barking of my neighbour's dog and when I looked out to see why the dog was in distress I saw my neighbour cementing blocks on the common sidewalk in front of her unit in order to inhibit access of Randy's wheelchair to the front of my unit.  This woman is a piece of work.

Although on Friday I left a note on Randy's wheelchair asking that Randy's penis condone be checked before I arrived for leakage it wasn't done.  It was even worse than that.  Randy didn't want to get out of bed so the casual RN suggested that I go down and talk to him in an effort to change his mind.  He kept pointing to his leg and I did not know what he meant.  I said if I put on his white shoes would be get up and he said nodded yes but he was really trying to tell me something else.  I checked his condone and I could see it was leaking and I could smell the ammonia from his diaper so he must have been laying in his urine for a long time.  The casual RN was not aware of his condition as she was not his day nurse. But she changed him cheerfully and lifted him out of his bed to his chair. 

This urine thing has been going on for a month now.  Each time I change Randy at home (with great difficulty) (and wash his clothes) I date and bag the diapers and I now have a large garbage bag full.  Randy is paying $15,000 a month for this care... GPC is a residential care hospital that controls each resident's bowel movements.  There is no reason for any resident to have an "accident" due to improper technique. 

I really do not know if they are shorthanded or not but I just read from the minutes of the latest Residents Council meeting that a full-time VCH employee from management's  Improvement Process Team  (Peter) had given the Council a talk about how GPC was going more lean with continuous improvement.  Only an administration full of academics would come up with this garbage to convince the residents that the nurses that treat them are slaggards. Napolean Ostrow and his COO Josephine therefore must believe GPC is overstaffed.

Since problem solving is very expensive, GPC should put a huge sign at its entrance saying this to explain why GPC 's policy is to ban/restrict visitors from its property. This past year four persons have been banned/restricted from GPC.  How many others were verbally banned without paperwork.

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