Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Found Ray

I found Ray.  It wasn't that difficult.  I went up to the PAU (Psych Assessment Unit) at Vancouver General Hospital.  I introduced myself explaining that I would like to visit him.

Upon visiting Ray he said that he wanted me to phone legal aid as he wanted out of the PSU and he gave me a phone number.  The phone number was incorrect.  I then went to the nurses station to ask them for a phone number for a mental health advocate.

The three nurses there explained that Ray did not need a lawyer as he was not CERTIFIED and he was there of his own free will and he could leave at any time..

I asked Ray did he know this and he said NO.

I do not understand Vancouver Coastal Health.

George Pearson Centre  won't give out his forwarding address/location after he was abruptly moved from his bed two weeks ago Friday as reported to me by other residents at GPC.(it is the policy of VCH not to tell anyone any new location and that includes other residents) and yet Ray's liberty and security of person was taken away from him as he was imprisoned in a ward under lock at VGH and that violation of Ray's human rights by VCH seems to be okay.


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