Thursday, September 13, 2012

Where is Ray

The same thing that happened to me when Randy was transferred to George Pearson Centre in 2011 has now happened to Ray, a resident at GPC.  No one know where he is.  On Friday I was told he was carted out in an ambulance to VGH.  On Sunday I went to VGH to visit him and was told that he wasn't there.  I then asked the social worker at GPC and he said it was against the law for him to give out any information on anyone.

I just talked to a religious minister, a priest not associated with GPC, and he said it was just as bad for him.  He can't even say hi to residents/patients in the hallway for fear he will lose his visiting privileges.  He can only see residents/patients if they ask for him.

So it is true when Nurse Rachet told me so many years ago that I was not allowed to speak to anyone unless I was spoken to first.  What a sick sick environment VCH is.  They are doing everything to make people isolated and alone. What is the point of caring when you are not allowed to care.

When I said how is Ray suppose to know if I want to visit him if I can't ask him because  I do not know where he is. The social worker said it was the law.  There are ways of interpreting the law and VCH has done it to save money and maintain the status quo. I am currently waiting for a copy of the law I asked him to give to me.

I am very worried about Ray.  He was telling me for weeks that he was being given meds that made him think crazy.  If he has gone crazy and he does not want to see me okay but if he has gone crazy and he wants to see me then that is something else.

When Randy disappeared in 2010 I was devastated. It doesn't matter if you are family, friend or foe.  VGH will tell no one where they move you.  You are just gone.
An argument can be made that everyone's "security of person" is taken away when hospitals hide behind privacy. How can anyone be secure in a hospital setting that hides (imprisons) patients.

If a visitor harasses a resident/patient then there are criminal sanctions.  When did VCH decide to separate friends and family from visiting patients by making contact so difficult that a caring person gives to frustration and a sense of helplessness. And the patient/resident thinks that no one cares and not even knowing a no contact order has been placed on him and all mail is returned to sender. What of the pyschological pain this is causing. Who is responsible for that.

Remember Policeman Dave Dixon who told the sister of one of Pickton's victims for the sister not to worry because the sister was in rehab and didn't want anyone to visit. This went on for two years.  If the police can lie so can VCH.


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