Saturday, October 27, 2012

Destroying One's Will to Live

From the very very beginning I spoke of GPC's attempts to destroy residents' will to live and it hasn't changed.  Yesterday I was taking a picture of Randy and as I extended my arm out to hold the camera he pushed the flash to take a picture of me.  He achieved great satisfaction in that he could take a picture even though he is disabled because he is a quad.

Within seconds security and staff are surrounding us saying that picture taking was not allowed. The security guard said he would have to write up a report on the incident and the staff has to as well.. What a waste of resources.

I showed the security guard pictures of me which Randy had taken previously and I of him at GPC which are in full view on the bulletin board next to his bed.

Camera phones are so small now that they can fit into the palm of one's hand so if staff is uncomfortable with cameras they better get used to it.Even having policies won't prevent picture taking.

This incident reminded me of the incident --- the very first time I saw Randy at GPC --- where I put my head at the edge of his bed as I was suffering from exhaustion and relief, holding Randy's hand, as I finally located him.  VGH didn't tell me he was being transferred to GPC although they knew for six weeks ahead of time. I had my head on my arm and security was called because sleeping is not allowed.

The next day I get attitude from the head nurse citing that if I didn't sign a visitor's contract that she would make sure that I would never see Randy again. Three months later she was successful in getting me banned. Because GPC is private property it can do whatever they want without any form of due they think.


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