Monday, November 12, 2012

Being respectful

I was told by Ro Ang, Manager of GPC, and Bob Chapman, Manager of Risk Management, that any emails or letters or voice mails that are not respectful (whatever that means)will not be responded to...

What tree did these apples fall off of.  VCH has done everything possible to prevent me from being a true comfort advocate to Randy...and I have to be respectful (whatever that means) to these apples... and now I cannot even correspond with them.  Talking to them has proved impossible as I have a voice that is agressive (whatever that means) call secuirty.   I did not know that I was born with this disability until I encountered VCH. 

And now I find out that I have never been banned, restricted ... I have only been subject to guidelines enforced by physical violence...  There is no one who knows what they are doing at GPC or VCH.

Again, and again, and again, Randy has the right to be involved in his treatment and since I am his conduit VCH cannot stop me but they have by banning me, ignoring me, and not providing the information I need to help Randy make decisions about his care. This rings of constitution law : security of person which Randy does not have.

They even went over my head and consulted with Tanu as to whether or not Randy might be supportive of a DNR Order when Randy was in emergency at VGH.  Can you imagine the terror I felt when I was told by a nurse that Randy was now DNR.  Because I was able to get the DNR reversed Randy is alive and well but stilll in VGH. Yesterday we were doing bed physios: I was coaching Randy to move his fingers, hands, arms, legs and toes in 20X sets for 5 sets.  He even tried to sit up.  And he kept throwing/refllecting the small plush toy back at me or the floor when I threw it to him.

Randy doesn't want to go back to GPC and neither do I as the thought of it is intolerable.  GPC/VCH allowed this to happen because they deferred their lack of judgment to Nurse Ratchet, the mother superior of Ward 2.


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