Thursday, November 1, 2012


I had occasion to speak to a lawyer yesterday and I was told that the reason for my banning from George Pearson Centre was because VCH has the right to control etiquette i.e. put me in my place.  You would think that since GPC is governed like a catholic boarding school which is reasonable as most of the nurses are from catholic backgrounds (countries)..  I see no other reason for the inhumane way Randy and I have been treated. When Randy was in a code blue I was told that I could only see Vancouver for one-half hour intervals guarded by security guards who previously beat me up because I dared trespass on hospital property.  How cruel and insulting. How can they force me to face the people that beat me up. What are they thinking.

Vancouver has over 200 languages spoken in Vancouver i.e. there are 200 different cultures, so which etiquette am I suppose to follow.

I still do not understand how I can be forced not to be with Randy at George Pearson Centre as GPC is his home (a residential care facility) and he pays rent.  It is like me paying rent for my apartment and the landlord restricts my visitors.


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