Monday, November 19, 2012

Dr. Patricia Daly

What a joke her office is.  Two Thursdays ago I went to see her at 601 Broadway to discuss a communicable disease and was told that she does not talk to those off the street.  So who does she talk to.  I go all that way the least she could have done is talk to me.  She is as bad as Moira Stilwell the MLA   who locks her offices so no one can drop by.So what happens if you do not have a phone or an email address.  Coincidence both of them are doctors, working and living in cocoons in gated communities.

I wrote a note addressed to Patricia but  her assistant would not take it so I tossed it unto one of the low tables at the entrance to her offices. Patricia never got back to me going on two weeks so it is time to report my concern..

Dr. Patricia Daly is the Chief Medical Health Officer and Vice President of Public Health.. Someone who is paid to look after our public health.

With flu season upon us and all the media surrounding the rights of hospital employees to have a flu shot or not, I wanted to tell Dr. Daly that it isn't the employees she should be worried about, rather it is the public that has access to hospital faciliities as visitors, vendors, volunteers, etc.  I wanted her to use her position to put masks at all hospital entrance ways and make it a requirement for everyone to wear one. She may not be able to force union employees to wear a mask but  because of her unfettered power she can force everyone else to wear one.

And I also went to Emerg at VGH and told one of the doctors there who said I was being agressive and he called for security. The only thing employees of VCH can do effectively is phone security.  Can't deal with something simple, phone security.


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