Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Low Lifes of VCH

I was able to overhear from VGH at noon today that Randy is going to be transported back to GPC  tomorrow against Randy's and mine objections.

Anyone who reads Paul Caine's blog Civil Rights Now.Org and you won't want anyone to go to GPC.

Bob Chapman, the Risk Manaagement Director, who can find me when he wants to but in this case is behaving like he always does.  He sends emails to people that do not have smart phones but these last two times he never even tried to contact me.  When I would go to visit VCH to see Randy like never existed he is gone.

Randy has had three code blue infections in as many weeks this past month. He gets an infection; he is sent to VGH and then returned to GPC and after I see he has another infection, he is returned to VGH (threes times) and within days he recovers at VGH  then VGH sends me back to GPC putting Randy at risk again.

When he was in emergency I was able to sleep on the floor next to him so he knew I was there.

Any suggestions as to what Randy and I should do would be appreciated.

Who wrote the legislation that gives them the right to do this.Repeatedly telling VCH that Randy does not want to be returned to GPC because it is not safe falls on deaf ears. 



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