Saturday, December 8, 2012

DNR Orders

I still do not understand the rush for getting a DNR from Randy.  He is already on heavy life support so why would he now want a DNR.  Randy does not want a DNR but VCH is intend on getting one like they are under a  quota before the end of the year. I believed that Randy could change his mind but GPC said no he can't,   So once Randy agreed to a DNR he can't change his mind. Don't sound right but VCH seems to do a lot of things that do not sound right.

The decision to place a DNR order on a person’s medical chart belongs to the physician. This decision may be made without anyone’s knowledge or consent. People with developmental disabilities are extremely vulnerable to DNR orders if they have no one in their lives to advocate for them. Consequently, people with developmental disabilities are sometimes not given life saving interventions when they might otherwise be given the intervention if the disability were not present.
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