Saturday, December 15, 2012

Randy has Septisemia

The all powerful Dr. James Dunn.  No one is going to tell him what to do.

Randy was admitted to St. Pauls at approximately 3:00 pm Friday December 14 2012 with septic shock.  As I walked up the driveway to see Randy an ambulance and an ambulance supervisor's vehicle was also entering GPC.  I wondered who the ambulance was for: who was dead?  I phoned security because I am not allowed on the ward 2 unless I am escorted and when I entered the ward it was Randy who had the paramedics who were trying to make sure he was alive.  And the only thing I could think of was was the DNR removed.  Randy's body was violently shutting down.  I am not sure what the medics did but they somewhat stabilized Randy as they transferred him from his bed to a stretcher.  Randy was scared as he reached out to me to save him.  It was honorific that his life had come to this.  This meaning the neglect and substandard of care Randy has received.

Emergency at St. Pauls attached him to an IV as he was terribly dehydrated and administered antibiotics.  The best I could tell is that staff at GPC was negligent is that he had not peed for a long time and the pee backed up into his bladder and got infected.  There is a pee bag and one of the things staff is suppose to do is make sure he passes urine.  His heart rate was elevated and it could have stopped at any time. And if I wasn't there to argue full code he could have passed. Once you are labelled DNR your standard of care rapidly diminishes and do not think otherwise: you are sidelined. There is a movement in the state of New York of doctors who will not be a party to a DNR.   I am now in the same dilemma as I was last week.  Randy is full code at St. Pauls but as soon as he is returned to the all powerful environment of Dr. James Dunn he will be DNR. Each time Randy has been hospitalized it could be 95% attributed to substandard care.

On Thursday December 13 2012 after seeing a lawyer I sent this email to all those concerned to make sure Randy was FULL CODE.

Randy and I attended a lawyer this afternoon and he after a long discussion with Randy asking questions only lawyers know how to ask determined that Randy wants FULL CODE.  He said he will try to get in touch wtih Dr. Dunn tomorrow.  

In any event this is notice that Randy is to be FULL CODE as of now.

I will never forgive any of you for ambushing Randy who alledgedly agreed to this sentence of death.  I want to know where did the idea of the DNR originate when Randy is not terminally ill or in pain.  And this two days after Randy's annual meeting where it was stated that Randy was full code.  And above all why wasn't I included in the initial conversation considering Randy has said that I was to be included in all discussions respecting his treatment and housing.  If I do not get a decent answer from you I am going to assume it is a directive from Napolean Ostrow and his Josephine to cut costs.  I see no other reason for it.

In addition to my email the lawyer also sent an email on Thursday to Ro Ang, the manager, of GPC notifying her of his determination and for Randy to be given full medical care.. I sent my email to make sure everyone was aware.

On December 14, 2012 at 3:47 an email was sent by the social working who advised that Randy is still DNR as Dr. Dunn did not change it.  The social worker should have immediately changed the CODE as such  intervention was time sensitive.  He knew and all the others he emailed to by that time that Randy was on his way to St. Pauls and he never did anything.  This is totally criminal what he and the others  he comspired with did nothing.  If I didn't have the whereitall to check his Codings with the ambulance attendant and upon arrival at Emergency no one would have asked Randy if he still wanted DNR , Randy could have died.  Emergency told me if I did not bring it to its attention he would have been treated as a DNR. If I hadn't arrived when the ambulance was there I would have never known what happened. Dunn shold have put the coding on abeyance until as I requested Randy had legal advice, another medical opinion, and the comfort of a priest.  Dr. Dunn and everyone at GPC refused Randy these avenues because legally they do not have to ensure Randy's consults with anyone. I do not count as Randy can't change his mind everytime he talks to me as I influence him as if VCH doesn't..  Their arrogance overruled his lawyer who had no influence to change the coding because legally he is barred.  You must understand that Randy immediately changed his mind on November 28 2012 after I explained to him that he wasn't terminally ill and this designation could be a slippery slope to an early unnecessary death.  This was on November 26 2012. It is now December 18 2012.

I just phoned Adela at GPC (604-322-8370) December 17 2012,.  Nothing changes at GPC. Mostly they won't even answer or take a message.  In this case Adela said it was 7:00 am and shift change and for me to phone back and she didn't even ask me what I wanted. I said no take a message.  I am sure she never did. They never returned my voice messages. This is the type of attitude I always seem to receive when I try to phone GPC.  The only thing I wanted was for her or someone in Ward 2 to put Randy's shaving gear with his wheelchair so it will be transported to St. Paul's Hospital where he is now.  All evening yesterday I was trying to call and the phone was always busy. On December 18 2012 the nursing staff at St. Paul's tried all late afternoon and evening to get in touch with Ward 2 and again the phone was busy and voice mail was disengaged.


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