Friday, December 14, 2012

The DNR is still there

I have been trying the best I can to get the DNR removed but Dr. Dunn, the government appointment physician, has not removed it.

From the very beginning I begged that the DNR be put on hold until Randy had legal advice, an independent medical opinion, and a priest.  All were ignored by Dr. Dunn.  And the social worker who is an officer of the court and is suppose to be looking after Randy's best interests runs from all responsibility.  DNRs are lethal instruments.  And the Public Guardian and Trustee told me that Randy does not have to tell me of his decision as it is between doctor and patient. Families don't count. The problem with this logic is that Randy cannot communicate.  He cannot talk or write. He can nod yes or no but because of his brain injury I find that at times he will say yes when he means no. 

I was so distaught about the DNR at GPC that I bundled up Randy and took him to St. Pauls for four days (he had a fever) who put him on FULL CODE and  Randy wasn't to be returned to GPC unless he remained FULL CODE.  Dr. Dunn renaged on this and Randy is still DNR.

Randy signed letters to GPC saying he wanted the DNR reversed but GPC has refused to honour his written requests.

It is like the Rousouli case which is in front of the Ontario supreme court where the doctors believe they have the right to withdraw life support against the wishes of his family..

Is it going to be too late for Randy like it has been for thousands of others who have had DNRs on them not suspecting that it would be near impossible to have them removed or worse didn't even know there was one. A DNR only has to be sign by one physician.  The patient does not even sign it.  And no witnesses are required. 


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