Thursday, January 24, 2013

15 out of 15

This takes the cake.  I asked a woman at the bus stop if she knew what a medical DNRs was.  She said No.  But she kept repeating DNR and said she was a nurse 30 years ago and the term was not something she remembered.  She told me that she worked as a nurse in Toronto ORs and when she married well and moved to BC she didn't have to work any more.  It must be the best open well kept secret in BC.  Only those that need to know know. When did DNRs become common practice. The medical establishment knows how to spin death: DNRs/Advanced Directives as medical treatments not doctor assisted suicides.  When medical staff stands by watching someone die because they have a DNR then they are commiting a crime far worse than murder: genocide.Everyone of us are going to die, the medical establishment does not  have to rush it.

                                             Randy Michael Walker VGH August 2010

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