Monday, January 14, 2013

Geoff Plant 9

I have been feeling totally demoralized over the incidents so far.  I cannot rest comfortably as I know now how fast Randy can end up in hospital.  I remember the YouTube video which explains how VCH deals with the public: delay; deny, divide, discredit and demoralize.  Each day this is still happening.  I am afraid even to speak to anyone any more. Not that I am afraid afraid but because it seems a waste of time.  Even the organizations which are out there after an initial consult abandon me. All the E/Ds know each other and purple dot those that need help much like how VCH purple dot troublemakers which VCH creates in the first place.  I am always told that I am not alone and what happened to me happens to others and then silence. 

Piecing together what happened with the DNR fiasco it is beyond comprehension. I lived with Randy for six years prior to his accident and  for 900 days since his accident I visited him in hospital and I was told I unduly influenced Randy to rescind the Do Not Rescue Order he alledgedly placed on himself so it was not removed.  Although on Friday before Christmas 2012 I was told that his coding was changed to FULL CODE I have yet to see any written proof of it.  It doesn't really matter in any event as a physician can change it the next day and there is no legal obligation for him to tell me or even tell Randy as it might upset us. So much for paternalism, truth and transparency in our health care system.

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