Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Solve the Health Care Problem

Decades ago I was told that to make money in the long-term you have to spend money.  And this is what the Province should be doing respecting health care.  No harm will result.   More jobs will be created thus more revenue will recirculate into the economy. And among the compounding effects will be that we will all have security of person. We will not have to worry about whether or not we are receiving optimal care because of budget restraints. Start medical training in Grade 10 so that upon graduation everyone is a LPN and those credits can be applied to a RN degree.  Look upon health care as a natural renewable resource and it will attract investment from around the world in the spinoff industries.

I did a terrible thing yesterday.  A man I assume was from India offered to share his over sized umbrella with me and Randy and I told him that it wasn't necessary.  I said that rain was good for the earth and also us humans.  I should have allowed the comfort of his umbrella and chat with him as we walked the two blocks in the pouring rain to the entrance of George Pearson Centre.  If I see him again, this tall elderly man from India, I will run after him and apologize. An offer of kindness has to be appreciated. (Randy was covered in a rain cape especially designed for wheelchairs)

I still haven't heard anything from the VCH's Ethics Committee on why Randy was bombarded with DNRs these past six months.  This discussion happened many times and each time we voted for full code and VCH seemed intent on voting for a DNR.  Caution:  if you do not have 110% confidence in the medical/legal system never agree to a DNR.  Do not believe the quality of life issues VCH will argue. Life is worth it no matter what. Too many mistakes can be made with DNRs, Advance Directives, Living Wills, etc. Research it on the web. Ask yourself why the push for DNRs...start with of life care.


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