Thursday, June 13, 2013

13 June 2013

I went to the food bank this morning.  The story of my future life.  Food banks and the insecurity of rental housing.

1 400 grams of Ccheerios box
1 411 grams of Oroweat Cinnamon Raisin muffins\
2 bottles of water
1 Eastmore brocooli sprouts 60 grams
400 grams of Danone Silhouette yogurt refreshing apple flavour
1 can 540 ml dark red kidney beams
 106 g of Gold Seal small shrimp can
4 medium-small apples
2 medium onions
5 medium-small potatoes
candy canes from Christmas

I spoke to Randy today and he wasn't all that alert.  I showed him a $20.00 bill and he did not know what it was and he allowed it to fly away in the wind.  If Randy concentrates hard enough he can catch things with his right hand.  This I learned when I threw a small plush toy at him when he was in VGH so many years ago. the  months he spent in VGH in isolation with hospital acquired infections.

7:30 pm  Randy was anxious about something and so I gave him a letterboard.  He spelt JAC and then I remembered from yesterday I had washed his jacket and he wanted it.  I washed it but it was still in the washing machine as I forgot to take it out of the washer to put it in the dryer.  His memory astounds me at times.  At other times there is nothing there.  Like I asked him if he went to physio today and he couldn't remember.  


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