Thursday, June 13, 2013

Off to City hall

On Wednesday Randy and I ventured to City Hall on Cambie to pay the doggie liceences.  This City is so expensive.  It cost $88.00.  Randy had a good day yesterday and he was very alert.  I wish he was like that every day.  He wanted me to take him to see his lawyer but I couldn't as it was late in the day.  As we passed a medical supply store he kept pointing to a pair of crutches in the window.  I wish I knew for certain that Randy will never walk again but I don't.  During the three years Randy has been at GPC I only talked to Dr. Dunn three times.  Two being sixty second sound bites and another time he glossed over Randy's file neglecting to mention he had code blues and also a recent heart attack.  I suspect he isn't even familiar with Randy's medical condition.



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