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A repeat of April 1 2011 blog

  For those of you who are new to my blog I would ask that you read the blog CIVIL RIGHTS NOW written by a former resident of GPC.  After reading the section on GPC would you allow anyone you know to live there.  Randy has been forced to live at GPC although upon each admission to acute he has opposed returning to GPC and acute  would return him against his objections.  And what would Randy do as soon as he realized the trickery, he would pull out his trach.  VCH won't even tell him or me.  They just would grab him and move him.  Last year VCH  moved him on Christmas Eve although I was told that he would not be moved until after Christmas week.  They just beat you up and you have to keep taking it over and over and over again.


Friday, April 1, 2011 Post from Gone Ballistic: nothing has changed much

Marion was the manager of GPC, and Bob Chapman the Director of Risk Management.  

Rather than create an atmosphere of residents wanting to live, they create an atmosphere of secrecy, fear and terror I face with each day worrying that Randy will not get the care he should be getting.m It has nothing to do with resources; it has everything to do with attitude of nurses who have their heads up their bums and they forget that their job is to be advocates for patients.

Marion, I got a piece of paper signed by Randy today saying that he wants to see me everyday like I have been for nine months. You better have a very good explanation as to why this is impossible. It is very clear to me that you would have let Randy die rather than allow me to visit Randy except on your restrictive unreasonable terms.

"on Fri, 4/1/11, Biln, Marion [VA] wrote:

From: Biln, Marion [VA]
Subject: Re: audreyjanelaferriere
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Received: Friday, April 1, 2011, 5:31 PM

Audrey, I do appreciate that you would like to be at GPC during those times but that is not possible
We will need to keep to the original plan of monday, tuesday,friday from 1-4
I will let Kate know that you are interested in getting training in suctioning
Marion Biln

From: Audrey Jane Laferriere []
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2011 12:16 PM
To: Biln, Marion [VA]
Subject: RE: audreyjanelaferriere

The second situation was created by Bob by his failure to quickly end the malicious gossip and bullying caused by your staff, residents and visitors. 

Next week I am free during the daylight hours so I will be wanting to visit Randy each weekday from 9:00 to 4:00. I want to visit him in the ward so I can interact with his nursing staff to satisfy myself that he is getting the mandated care and also tend to his entertainment, educational and physio needs. Considering the dire state of health care dollars, I know you will welcome any assistance I can give. It was agreed that your RT would train me to suction Randy so this coming week would be a good time to begin the training.

Your security can accompany me and stand guard as long as they are standing and not sitting. Do not worry I will not call out if Joy is choking to death and there is no one on the floor to come to her aid.

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