Thursday, November 28, 2013


Now according to VCH Randy is not being imprisoned at GPC and he had occasion to be returned to VGH, I am now told that Randy has to return to GPC although he does not want to.  How can the health authority force someone to live somewhere that is not safe.  He has had three years to adjust to GPC and he still does not want to be forced to live there.  It wold be different if his fears were groundless but they are real. So now VGH is going to bundle him on a gurney and move him.  Randy cannot talk or walk so he can't defend himself.  Randy is only 57 years old and is competent.

And it is interesting to note that Paul Caune's web page on the abuses of George Pearson Centre have been removed from the internet.  Civil Rights Now!  It wasn't only Paul's experience but others as well.  The only residents that I know at GPC who like living there are those who only use the place to sleep and eat and the rest of the time are mobile and out of there.

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