Thursday, November 21, 2013

Karen and Julian Storm

Yesterday when I was at GPC to pick items for Randy, in the hallway I cam across Karen Storms who along with her husband are residents at GPC.

I called out to her as she was franic with tears what was wrong and I wanted to talk/comfort her.  I was prevented by staff because I was banned from talking to anyone in George Person Centre and if I did not leave security would be called.

I asked Stephanie to call Sandra the manager so that I could comfort Karen. Heard nothing.

Karen has no family as they had abandoned her because of her disability and her life was only her husband Julian who had just died within minutes of this conversation.

What kind of sick place is GPC and the inhumane policies that strangers (VCH) implement upon their residents.

I was suppose to have been given my new guidelines on Monday by Ro as to visitations and like always nothing was written so staff, police and security could just beat me up if they see fit..

Hospitals cannot use the narrow description of trespass as the purpose of hospitals are for the public and not to take away the legal rights patients have of free speech and association.  The purpose of a hospital is not to make the work of the staff easier...

For years I have talked to Julian and Karen off site as well as at VGH.  

To see Karen and Julian Storm go to You Tube : George Pearson Center Envisioning Home Part 3

GPC do not protect residents at George Pearson Centre, they imprison them.

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