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Now the Good want to move Randy back to the Bad

copy of email sent to CTV Janury 10 2013

Audrey Laferriere
11:29 PM (4 hours ago)

to patricia.garcia,
I was suggested to send you a brief outline of something that is happening to us in Vancouver. I tried CKNW and was told they did not do health care stories.Just feel good stories.  My story is not a feel good one.
Three years ago my spouse suffered a spinal cord injury.  There isn't too much wrong with him except he is susceptible to infections from where he lives: George Pearson Centre.
Unknown to me and unknown to Randy a rogue doctor James Dunne placed do not transfer orders on Randy on different occasions.  The last two nearly caused Randy his life as when he needed acute hospital intervention the staff would do nothing as it was against doctor's orders not to do anything.  They were letting him die. 
Randy is 57 years old and not imminent.  He has a limited quality of life and he has learned to live with it.  On all accounts he wants to live,

I had to fight like hell to get 911 to take him to VGH not once but twice.  Once there is a doctor's order no one will question it.  A doctor's order can be voided if the patient knows about it at any time by a patient or his surrogate however this is not general knowledge so deaths occur unnecessarily..  And the nurses would have let Randy die and the rogue doctor knew this would happen..And on these two occasions Randy was not told and neither was I.

The problem now is that VGH wants to return Randy back to GPC under the care of the rogue doctor who put a DNT on Randy twice and it is business as usual. How can VGH returned a patient to an unsafe environment.  It is beyond my comprehension.  And of course GPC/VGH/Risk Management refuse to discuss what the rogue doctor did. It is as if they just want it forgotten.  Like it never happened.
 Randy should not be forced to return to GPC.
I have tried to work with staff at GPC and VGH to make sure Randy would be safe if he had to return to GPC as he needs specialized care which at my age  I do not have the strength to do.  They won't negotiate or talk to me.  They seem intent on doing exactly whatever they want to do and next time I may not be there to rescue him
A DNT is a certain death sentence if you need acute care. And it is a relatively new vehicle used by rogue physicians for those that are chronically ill but still have 18 years to live.A DNR means go to acute care while a DNT means do not move close the curtain and phone the family after death ... like what happened to me on November 18 2013.  The nurse made a mistake I am sure that cost him his job he  phoned me before Randy was truly dead and I and a friend  were able  to bag him.  His heart rate was 155 and he was dehydrated and he was within moments of death  The rest is too painful to write...

VCH FOI told me that they have nothing in their data base about the use of Do Not Transfer protocols.

I asked Richard Singleton, director of risk management for a letter saying that VCH would never put a DNR/DNT Order on Randy again and he refused although Randy has a representation agreement saying he wants FULL CODE.  In addition Richard said he would not negotiate any safety issues. Things are just fine at GPC..

Doctor's orders can be put on a patient's chart on the whim of a doctor, no questions asked.  The rogue doctor can do as he wants.  No witnesses.  No informed consent.

I do not know who is in charge.  No one seems to know. To help us is to vocalize your dismay:  send emails to :  Kip is the chairman of the board. I am not sure if he reads his emails but at least you have tried also forward a copy of this blog link to your contacts.

VCH has to be made accountable; it is just a matter of time that the house of cards will collapse and fall hopefully not hurting too many vulnerable patients and families on the way down. Beware of the venom of the snake oil salesmen. (Susan Anton, Minister of Justice)
Vancouver General Hospital, 604-875-4111
this might also work:

Following orders from a superior is no defense to criminally prosecute and each nurse who blindly follow doctor's orders that would in high probability lead to death should along with the doctor be criminally prosecuted.  

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