Friday, January 24, 2014

Panhandling January 24 2013

I will be starting my fundraising campaign to raise money to investigate why a DNR/DNT Order was placed on Randy Michael Walker on November 18 2013 by VCH.  Randy was not imminent i.e. close to certain death.

I do not know what VCH is doing but someone has to start making waves.

Can you imagine a Do Not Transfer Order.  911 comes, and just leaves you there to die
 and you do not even know why.

This is what happened to Randy and I on November 18 2013.

Tell Christy Clark 1-250-768-8428 to fire these bums who think they are god.  Also phone Suzanne Anton who knew about what happened and did nothing.  1-250-387-1866. Both of them should resign.

Our BC  health system will look after you as long as you do not get chronic and live for 18 years. Stay healthy or else they will find a way to kill you and you won't even know..

I was only able to spend one hour postering this morning in front of Tim Hortons on Broadway.. Those on the street were reading my sign and I am sure they will remember what the sign said even if they did not understand what a DNR or a DNT was.  A man gave me a $1.50 so it is the first step to funding.

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