Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Audrey Laferriere Wed, Jan 22, 2014 at 2:03 AM

To: "Singleton, Richard [VA]"

From your letter of January 20 2014 you refer to "respect." I do not know what that means considering VCH has shown me and Randy nothing but cruel disrespect from 2010. .
I want a definition of what respect means.  It isn't a one way street.
I told VGH that Randy is not to be returned to GPC as it is not safe for him to be there and VGH behind my back returned him why because Cheryl said they knew that I would object.  So what is the point of having a legal representative agreement wherein I am to decide housing if VGH disrespects my directions.

If you agree to whatever VGH wants then you are included in what unsafe envirornments when they want to get make a bed for someone else.  Even though I would ask each nurse each day at VGH if Randy was scheduled to be moved.  Their answers were all the condensing the same: No. Even though they knew of why it is unsafe for Randy at GPC and they knew what was going on. Each nurse shoudo have her professional designation removed as well as each of the doctors who conspired behind my back.   

We don't trust priests anymore so why should we trust doctors. I shouldn't be too harsh as there are lawyers but unless you have $200,000 cash up front, they do not do health care issues.

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