Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday January 24 2014

I woke this morning thinking back to a CBC report/story wherein they were talking about how the doctors of those who were institutionalized in Germany had to fill out documentation stating if their patients were capable of working or not.  Of course, the doctors, to protect their patients, said NO.  The doctors had no idea that those that could not work would be herded up in trucks and transported away to be murdered because they were not productive to German society.

History has now repeated itself.  There is now a twist of what happened in Germany now the government  uses DNR and DNT orders and "confidentiality" to achieve the same result.  It is not called being non-productive to society it is now called having no quality of life.  Same result but this time it is doctors playing mind games with patients. Instead of the government making the decision of who dies it is the patient and the trios of death doctors that circle our major hospitals citing that it would be a medically appropriate decision.. I saw them do it, as soon as they got a "nod" off the trio disappears never to be seen again.. At no time did the trio tell the patient or his family that he could change his mind.  In Canada it started in 1995 the culling of the unnecessary and now it seems to be a patriotic duty to have a DNR or a DNT.  No one really understands what a DNR or a DNT really means but it sounds patriotic.  What it means you are agreeing to hasten your death. 

Doctors do not want difficult patients to treat and the government is using health care like they used to use welfare as its whipping boy for the reason our economy is fast approaching third world status.

I have maybe ten more years to live as I am old but healthy and what is the government going to do send me to a re-education colony.

Both Christy Clark and Suzanne Anton, are well aware of this since I told them in November 2013 and neither have approached me to convince me otherwise..

As for those who claim they are believers in bioethics they all should be scarlet lettered so we know who they are.

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