Monday, January 20, 2014

The Bastards Did it Again

I wasn't able to categorize what is wrong with the medical staff and it finally came to me: they are like security guards who earn their keep by creating situations. They are all the same; they have to be in control and if they feel they are not they will make your life miserable. If you agree with them everything is fine.  If they even suspect that you might have a different opinion they will turn on. you They are all passive aggressive. They are trained to do defensive reporting rather tan objective reporting. In four years I have never meant a genuine nurse yet.

Although I have asked that Randy not be returned to GPC because of it placing DNR/DNT Orders on Randy without our consent, VGH did it anyways.  They packed him up and moved him.  Administration  put another I cannot visit Randy ban on me so I cannot see Randy and Randy will die as I will not be able to rescue him again. What is this some kind of computer game. And this is how Ostrow ow he gets his points.
Audrey Laferriere
12:59 PM (15 minutes ago)

Can you tell me when I will be able to get the medical report for Randy from December 20 2014 to now especially December 26 2013 and the No Transfer Order by Dr. Dunne.  I also need the  DNR/DNT Order Dr. Dunne signed prior to November 18 2013 
I want all the reports including the one saying Randy is incompetent as well as all the doctor's and nurse's notes on him.  As well as his medications. I also want all the reports from Emergency which I understand is separate from the floor medical records.
I feel totally betrayed by VGH by returning Randy back to GPC which is unsafe because of the many DNR/DNT Orders placed on him without Randy's or my informed consent and the rationing of treatment VCH thought it best to deny him to save money. Randy is not imminent so there is no reason for a DNR/DNT unhtil VGH has a new policy to be rid of the disabled..  
I also want the VGH emergency report when Randy was admitted on November 19 2013 and also on December 26 2014.
I would appreciate this information as soon as possible as Randy's life depends on it.

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