Friday, February 21, 2014

Heart Rate Monitor Alarm set at 150

I just tried to phone Ward 2 and the nurse who answered the phone hung up on me as I assume she isn't suppose to talk to me. I wanted to tell her to watch Randy's heart monitor carefully as the alarm is currently set too high.  I am responsible to make sure Randy is safe and I can't do that if I can't have access to him or his medical staff.

Since Randy's last admission on December 26 2013 to VGH for having a heart rate of 142, I have been asking Ro and others to lower his alarm on his heart monitor to less than 120.  They have refused.  It is beyond my comprehension.  On November 18 2013 when I was told he was dying, Randy's heart rate was greater than 155 (no alarm went off so the alarm was set at greater than 150).  These heart rates will cause cardiac arrest.  He would die.  And all I got was a flippant answer from Ro that she had a chat with the RT who assured her that 150 was safe:. a  RT that is not  trained in basic commonsense or cardiology..  And then we have Ro that has two nursing degrees...

I can see the rationalization of setting the heart alarms at 150 at VGH as the ICU is only moments away but GPC does not have a ICU nor the resources to reverse Randy's heart rate back to normal. Therefore, it is absoultely imperative that his heart rate monitor alarm be set at less than 120 and nurses attend to him promptly..

Think of the money it costs to send Randy to Emergency/Intensive Care via 911 when prevention could save this expense. It is $huge and loss of life is more.

I was wrong the security guarding Randy is there so my friends could not take him off site.  GPC is imprisoning Randy.  Will they never stop taking away his rights.

I will be asking the Public Guardian and Trustee on Monday to pull Randy out of GPC as GPC is dangerous for him..


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