Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rude Behavior

I still can't understand how my rude behavior prevents me from visiting Randy.  I haven't seen Randy for a week now.  I really miss him.  There is a real void in my life.  Like Randy always said if you are not sure what to do try to do nothing and then the plan is there.So I sleep and have flashbacks.  Randy is so fragile I may never seen him again.  The fear numbs me.  Since my life is so empty the only thing I want to do is sleep with my doggies overlooking me.  They really do overlook me.  I can't go three feet without following me.  When I sleep the big dog sleeps at the foot of the bed mattress and the little dog sleeps at the top of the bed.  No escaping them.  Today is Wednesday I wonder what Thursday will bring. 

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