Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wanted a Media Advocate to see MLA Moira Stilwell otherwise I can't talk to her

The following is a dumb email from my MLA Dr. Moira Stilwell.  She will only meet with me if I have with me a media advocate.  

So an invite is open for any media people to attend with me and speak to Moira.  She can tell me again after three years being when I approached her that I should NOT take the actions of GPC personally as they are just being overly cautious. By the government giving absolute power to the health authority there is no way to reason with VCH.  In fact a month after I attended an open board meeting with Kip Woodward I was promised that I could have an independent investigation done (this was in 2011) and then Linda Rose told me a month later that there would be no investigation.  Even the chairman of the board has no power over these idiots.  There is no health authority for the people; it is the silence like the silence of the mafia that operates.  Since the medical system is the biggest employer in the City, it is easy to understand.

1.  Randy has the right to be part of his treatment and they are denying him this.  I am his psychological treatment.
2.  So what has VCH done, they have delegated this most import aspect of his care to a social worker who will phone me at 2:30 in the afternoon five days a week.  A social worker. A social worker with three social working degrees who walks by Randy and asks one of the nurses if he is okay. Never seriously ill since January 29 2014, the date of my 100% total ban from all VCH properties: not just GPC but ALL properties.  Why would I be banned from their warehouse.
3.  As Randy's representative I have a right to have access to him at any time, I also have a right to see his medical binder at any time, and also I have the right to speak to any and all medical personnel that attend to him.

And how do you enforce it, you can't  Just a sliver of hope amongst all the roadblocks. I may be able to see Randy for ten minutes once a week if I am respectful..  Being respectful or not being respectful has nothing to do with my rights under the Representation Agreement as I am Randy's proxy and VCH is hindering me from doing my lawful job. And VCH uses the resources of the police as it is more cost effective to have the police attend  remove the object then to resolve any issue.  Change the initial reason then it comes to trespass "black and white law" and the fear of being charged and imprisoned.  No wonder no one visits GPC often.  After one such episode you don't come back.  Because the law is the law.

I was told two days ago by a lawyer that VCH bans people all the time.

 (As a side issue: another lawyer at the Bentley court case who told me that doctors put DNRs on patients all the time without telling the patient or the family: be scared not only for your loved one but for yourself unless you want to commit suicide.  Randy is still alive and doing well ...November 18 2013 when I forced the removal of the DNR while he was actively dying. He would have died within minutes.  November 18, December 18, January 18, February 26: four more months of life and maybe years) 

No one wants to admit that they have been baned; no one wants to be looked upon being a trouble maker. I put my head at the base of Randy's bed and a nurse came up to me and said "sleeping wasn't allowed" security attended and the police were called. This is called budgetting resources; download it to another department. .

Moira knows this and she doesn't give a damn.  I guess there must be something to do with public policy that silence will be the only way to keep health care costs down.  All staff has been instructed at GPC not to talk to me either on or off site. I can't give talk to Randy on the phone unless a visitor calls me from his bedside.  What visitor.  Neither can the residents or visitors for fear of what I do not know.  But that is the way it is. Randy can't even use his hands to use the call bell considering he is hidden behind curtains; he can't even call out for help.  What monster VCH is.

Hi Audrey,

Please confirm that you will attend the meeting with your media advocate. As indicated in our earlier email, MLA Dr. Stilwell will meet with you and your media advocate on Saturday, March 1st, 2014 morning at 8:00am in our constituency office. Therefore, the meeting will only be confirmed if you are attending with your advocate.

Please confirm by return email.


Loussine B. Kadian
Constituency Assistant to
Dr. Moira Stilwell, MLA

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