Sunday, May 18, 2014

18 May 2014

I wake and walk in a daze of flashbacks of Randy.  I should have fought harder for him.  He tried so hard to get well but they won't let him and then at the end they were going to take him away from me so I wold never be able to see him again.  Rolinda Ang, the manageress of GPC, thought it best that Randy die alone without me.  Where did this woman come from and from whom did she get her instructions.  If someone is dying they should do everything possible to keep the family together NOT ban the wife 100% from seeing him.  What empty and cruel argument theycome up with. .  If we lived in a just society all those responsible should be fired.  Punishing Randy for me protecting him and for  me being over friendly with the residents of that place of death. Most everyone has a DNR and a DNT on them which doesn't give anyone a positive reason for life.  VCH can at least be honest and call it long term palliative care.

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