Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5 2014

Randy is now safe.  He doesn't have to worry about our medical system causing him more harm.  Even to the bitter end I wanted his 100% wool underlay wrap to bury Randy in.  A custom/law in England.  And GPC refused to send it to me.  Since I am not allowed on the premises and I am only allowed to email which Ro or Richard may never answer and did not answer for this request. I was told that Randy's belongings were put in a common area where anyone could rifle through his possessions.  There is a policy that GPC is suppose to respect the dead but it doesn't extend to a person's belongings.

I had an old 100% wool underlay at home which was placed in his pine box.but I wanted his new one.  So now I have to face GPC to get Randy's stuff  without an inventory.  They just want to put it in a cab and that would be the end of it for them.. I do not know if I am even ready to accept Randy's belongings which thought only brings tears to my eyes. 

They made my life and Randy's life a living hell and then they couldn't even give us the wool underlay.
I asked Sam Greenspoon, the social worker,  to drop it over as my place as he is only a few blocks away and he has a car and he has to cross my place each day. Of course by emailing him I was in violation of the trespass notice.

I also wanted them to drop off a new Steelers tee-shirt for including in Randy's pine box so I again had to use an old one. Randy was a Steeler's fan. 

The two days that I was gone, the doggies were very very quiet.  No complaints from the neighbours about them barking.  They just waited for me to come home.  I do not know where I will go if I have to leave this suite as no one will take on two old doggies and one old lady.  Someone outthere who has property should start a doggies foster care so doggies can visit and have a home to go to with a yard. Only the ultra rich seem to be able to afford doggies in the City..

Two weeks ago the big doggie got an infection is his leg and it took $882.00 to cure.  He is okay now but my credit card is at its at its max again. Life is worth it no matter what.  I can go without the history of a book on the star chamber..

I miss my Randy.  He isn't in a better place.  The best place for him is with me.

I am sorry Randy that I did not fight hard enough for you. I had a representation agreement and VCH refused to honour it and I do not know why.  That isn't true, VCH is above the law.  They do what they want so what use is the legislation. All one doctor has to say is a family member is incapable.No one questions the doctor to determine if he is capable. .Beware of the medical legal complex.


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