Friday, June 13, 2014

13 June 2014 Two Month Anniversary

Today is the two month anniversary of Randy's death. I am in terrible grief. It isn't because he died but rather the way he died. Vancouver Coastal Health treated us like we were less than human.

Only the sociopaths knew what was good for Randy and I. No one showed any compassion for his death; no one even went to his memorial service at George Pearson Centre. His home. I wasn't even invited as if I was a what I do not know.

All I see from the nursing staff from GPC and also VGH is indifference; not a kind word; or even a small tear. Nothing.

If I didn't have a BC supreme court order to be with Randy should he be in intensive care, VCH would have got away with its threat of me never being with him at his bedside when he died. Thank you Linda Rose.

I still do not know what he died from. I asked for an autopsy but it never came. Why did they keep fighting: Roberts and Dunne about where Randy should go. Roberts did not want him at VGH as his care was too costly and neither did Dunne want him at GPC as GPC did not have personnel to properly look after Randy. Since he would never get well I suspect they put a futile order on him and let him die. VCH does not have a policy re futile, a doctor just decides and that is it.

Forget about a doctor talking to a family, he will only talk to a family if he knows the family will agree with him. Randy was in no pain, he just wanted to live.

And to make it worse most of this had nothing to do with Randy but everything to do with me and my behavior as defined by a star chamber The star chamber was first defined to me as the team of doctors and techs who looked after Randy however when I asked the team one by one over the years if they were aware of my banning all of them negated except for Tanu, Marion, and Bob Chapman. I believed that no majority would have denied me access. And the majority of the team didn't as they did not know what was going on. And of course the residents and visitors knew nothing of the banning as well. VCH are so used to banning visitors and they never coming back and there is no effective way of complaining as the complainer is always at fault. The cause for the banning is never made public. The person just goes away. I remember asking what did I do wrong and I was told you knew what you did. No, I do not know what I did to cause Randy such psychological pain.

GPC has so much control over its residents that GPC reads every single piece of mail as well as every single email that goes in and out of GPC. As for cameras they are all over the place except viewing the resident in his bed so that any wrongdoing done by the nurses are not recorded. And nurses report everything you say to management. And VGH has "baby monitors" so they can hear everything that is going on and they might even be recording everything.

I am so sorry Randy. I should have fought harder for you. You trusted me and I failed you.


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