Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 June 2014

I was hoping my grieving would be getter lesser but it hasn't. I see Randy wherever I go or not go. I did not know he was going to die. He has had pneumonia many times and he always recovered.

Yesterday I went to the Oakridge Senior's Senior for breakfast and at 10:30 NIDUS was scheduled to give a talk about representation agreements. The young women made it sound like it was some sort of answer to some sort of problem. I told the group of my experience with Randy's representation agreements and the failure of Vancouver Coastal Health to honour them.

I got upset when the girl said that representation agreements could ONLY be registered online for $25.00. I asked her could they be filed manually. No. Only by computer. I said that most of her target audience (us oldies) are uncomfortable with computers. And on top of it if you want to register a representation agreement a person would have to have a credit card for the $25.00 fee. I do not understand why there is a fee when the United Way is funding the project and its staff of three.

When I got home I had to face Misey who had a serious eye infection, the size of a golf ball. So with difficulty I had to arrange for a ride to the vet. $32.00 it cost for the eye drops. I had a hard time gettng Misey to walk home as she walks three hundred steps then sits down for a rest. Finally and slowly we got home and now she refuses to leave the apartment. She is on strike. I think she is afraid of being abandoned. Just like me having to abandon Randy because VCH deemed that was best for Randy. GPC bans people because they do not want anyone to see bedsores on patients which Randy had one when he died at VCH. GPC tried to hide it. Maybe he died of blood poisoning rather than pneumonia. I do not know and I still haven't got the autopsy yet. I hope that the pathologist wasn't too busy to recognize a wound the size of a toonie.

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