Thursday, September 25, 2014

Calder's Report

I keep thinking about Calder's Report and how inaccurate and misleading it is and the damage it caused me and Randy.  This is about health care not a covert CIA operation in which the government relies on  erroneous reports as truth.. How can the health authority be the author of this injustice.  And it is sitting in the courthouse for anyone to read and photocopy (No. S142003).  And there is nothing I can do about it. Sue them, what a joke that is.

I remember the times I was told by visitors to Randy that they would visit him with bubbles coming from his trach and no nurse to suction him.   What about the bad nursing he received and I wasn't there to make sure he was looked after because of the banning. This was the whole point of my banning I now believe and it had nothing to do with me being overfriendly. Like Randy said I am really really really stupid.The deceit and the abuse of authority is vomitoid. 

If nursing is understaffed then the nurses should be picketing outside on the sidewalk on their days off..

Quote from Bobby Schindler 6/13/2008 When your life becomes difficult, change your life, not your morals.  Faced with difficult life choices today, too many have become too comfortable acting immorally.

A thought, I will ask the new seniors advocate appointed by the government to do something: Isobel Mackenzie.What a joke, you say. Yes, a joke.  I already asked for her help from her months ago and she never answered my email. Appear that something is happening.  Another puppet of the Ministry of Health whose primary job is to refer individuals to appropriate agencies but first you must face your abusers. Delay, until the victims pass and the children inherit.


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