Sunday, September 14, 2014

The day after Randy's fifth's month anniversary of his death

I survived yesterday quite well.  I was surprised.  I did not cry once.  However, I did have flashbacks.

When I first was banned from seeing Randy in 2011 I asked one of the nurses if she would wheel Randy in his wheelchair to the common visitor's room so he could look out and see me on the sidewalk.  This she did.  They left him there alone.  He did not know what was happening.  He could see me.  He was gnarling at the large windows trying to get to me.  It was heart breaking.  I never asked for the staff to do this again. Now I am crying.

I still have to finish deconstructing Calder's report.  What Vancouver Coastal Health has done to discredit me is so bizarre it has to be believable.  I asked this past week for the report of  Dr. Georgia Nemetz, a psychologist in private practice who had been brought in by VCHA to conduct debriefings with GPC employees following the October 21, 2013, incident: the incident in which I was attacked by staff and security at GPC when I attempted to remove Randy from GPC.I acted in self-defence. When I receive it I will deconstruct it as well.

In Calder's Affidavit paragraph 19 he states that if I continue to have any access to GPC that there is a significant risk that staff at GPC, including Dr. Jame Dunne, who is crucial to the operation of GPC's respiratory ward, will quit or refuse to work on the respiratory ward at GPC.  Where in hell did he get that from.  Yes, Dr. Dunne do us a favour and quit. Just to reiterate in three years I spoke to Dunne a total of three times: totalling twenty minutes. I sent him numerous emails and he never replied to one of them.  As far as I am concerned this respected member of the medical establishment is a cry baby and don't get me going about Dr. John Fleetham, a bigger cry baby than Dr. Dunne..

In paragraph 20, Calder says that VCH has done all that it can to accommodate me in my requests to access Mr. Walker.  VCH is under significant pressure from other residents of GPC, families of those residents, staff at GPC, and WORKSAFE BC to protect the safety of all parties involved.  What residents, what families, what staff and I was told by Worksafe BC that they would never ask for the banning of anyone. And how did VCH accommodate me. They abused their powers and flaunted the law, no broke the law.. And now my Randy is dead, him being robbed of the time we could have been together.

What is wrong with Calder's and Nemetz's reports is I speculate that they were never made aware of the fact that Randy was not a prisoner at GPC and I only acted in self-defence.  Neither of them talked to me or saw the police report. I did not hit a police officer which Calder alledges. How could I intimidate staff at GPC when the staff are the experts in how to intimidate. What about the bruising I received on October 22, 2013 to which I have a witness. 

The best one is in paragraph 21 where Calder says that my behavior increases the risk of injury to herself.  Does that mean that staff is going to physically attack me again.  How can Clark, Wilson, VCH's lawyers allow such garbage to be entered as evidence against me wanting to see Randy.  But then lawyers do exactly what their clients tell them.

The deconstruction will post...


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