Monday, October 13, 2014

A good death is not guaranteed.

Assisted Suicide Cannot Promise Brittany Maynard a Good Death

Did you know that many assisted suicides experience complications? Assisted suicide is wrongly marketed to the public as a flawless, peaceful escape from suffering. It can be a painful and scary death. It can include gasping, muscle spasms, nausea, vomiting, panic, confusion, failure to produce unconsciousness, waking from unconsciousness and a failure to cause death

When I found Randy on November 18 2013 Randy was alone, scared and he did not want to die.  And yet there was an illegal DNR Order on him.  For some reason I was in control of myself and I called 911 and in the chaos that followed Randy was sent to VGH and he lived.  Otherwise GPC would have left him to die alone (without any palliative care) because of the DNR and the DNT Orders on him.  Those few minutes will live with me forever.  If that wasn't bad enough the whole scenario was repeated on December 26, 2013. This time there was an order to do not move Randy off GPC site and there were no instructions to phone the doctor on call.  If I wasn't there for those few minutes, I would have gotten a call in the middle of the night that Randy had died.

Like Ron Panzer said if you are targeted they (the medical community) will kill you one way or the other if you are chronic and non-productive if they ascribe to Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America.:

 ..Just to remind, Randy was only 57. He had an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury and a trach.  He wasn't in pain enough to warrant euthanasia. I do not even know if he was in much  pain as they only gave him tylenol to lower his fevers. He only wanted to come home but the medical authority just threatened me that I would never see Randy again. They imprisoned him. On April 13 2014 Randy died from organ failures.  His immune system, his fragile body, couldn't fight off any more infections.

They knew he was dying and they won't let me be with him.  What monsters.  I did nothing to warrant such cruelty. How could they do that to my Randy.  His life had no meaning to them; there was no compassion; there was nothing.Who were they protecting.  None of these cry babies were taught to work under any stress or front time problems if there were any except those caused  by them..

As for the allegations against me a first year law student could deconstruct them to make VCH look vindictive, malicious and evil. The health facilities in BC are governed by bullies.


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