Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A journey

I will be out of the City until the New Year 2015 so there will be no blog entries until then.

Just remember:

Medical DNRs have to be consented to by a patient otherwise they are illegal.  A DNR can hasten your death by days, weeks, months or years caused by errors, greed and apathy. (mistakes, coercion, abuse, quality of life lies, exhaustion). Did you know there are four levels of intervention at VCH; four different DNRs.

Although DNRs are commonly forced on patients I have yet to read of a doctor being charged with culpable attempted homicide.  In Randy's case he was able to live another five months.  The health professionals all  knew when a patient is going to die; it isn't a hidden science.  In fact I should never have been banned by the bullies of George Peasrson Centre.   I have yet to get a name of anyone who fabricated.  Like Hilter said the bigger the lie the more the people will believe.  I am rather disappointed in the legal system who took Dunne's medical assessment as correct.  He said Randy plateaued when in fact when no evidence was given..  In Any event on April 4 2014 Randy had septis and he was having multiple organ failure.  Dr. Dunne should have called me immediately so I would be with him.  He is a man with no compassion or feelings. But then he didn't have to as he hide behind a court order that could have been varied at any time. I want him tested for psychopathy..Then I will know it wasn't his fault as he won't have known what harm he was doing.  Dr. Robert Hare is at UBC and the test would take less than an hour.  Dr. Dunne should take it to prove his innocence.

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