Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas 2010

Randy was at George Pearson Centre.  During the Christmas Party Tanu, the head nurse, said Randy was not up to going.  This was not true.  She was establishing her power. The others nurses said nothing.

Much like when I was looking at the headlines to the Province on the community table, Tanu grabbed it and said to buy my own.  Where is it written that it was her job to guard the Province.  Her job is to nurse not to engage herself over nothing.. No matter what I did she would find fault in me.

Tanu told me the first time I saw her at GPC that she could arrange that I never see Randy again.  Where did she get that power or has she managed over the years to do that to other family members.  Why would she say that to me.

She allowed Willey to cook gourmet spicy meals for himself in the community kitchen so patients like Randy had to suffer the smell as he could not eat. It was torture.  Did she care. She was told over and over to cease this and she still allowed it to happen. What cruelty.  This woman who told me that I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone unless they spoke to me first and then she would go around telling everyone not to talk to me. She did her best to isolate me and Randy from everyone. I wasn't even allowed to use the toilet unless a security guard accompanied me.  Humiliation after humiliation.The woman also made sure that the curtains circulating Randy would also be closed;. Management knew of these things and yet they did nothing. Dr. Dunne was of the opinion that others patients needed their privacy even if such privacy would cause harm; Randy could die.

Randy  was put in a pod where curtains were pulled all around him so the nurses or anyone else could hardly see him should he be in trouble as he could not call out for help or use a call bell.  Where in hell did that woman come from.  When she is on holidays everything goes well.  When she is there a heavy atmosphere of dread is there.  I still want to know how her friend Willey was allowed to live at GPC for eight years although he had a his own house to live in.  I assume he never trusted GPC and he lived there until his wife died. And all the staff on the ward was afraid of him; they all wanted to be his friend so he won't create fault to attack them.

Whilley was a bully.  He enjoyed upsetting people like when he told me he had a petition signed by all the nurses that they did not want me on the ward. He also told me other things that were insulting and untrue and I told this to GPCand they did nothing.

I would write notes to the social worker, Sam Greenspoon, about the bullying and what did he do to the notes which should have been kept, he told me he threw them out.  So much for expecting help from a social worker in the employ of Vancouver Coastal Health. A social worker who said he worked for Randy and me. Destroy all evidence of bullying; what other evidence has he destroyed.

Even on the 18th of November, 2013, the day Randy should have died and Tanu knew and everyone else including Dr. Dunne and Ro Ang, Randy would die that night.  Tanu told me that I wasn't allowed to stay with Randy at his bedside past 8:00 pm.

At 11:30 pm I got a phone call saying that Randy was dying.  I raced to GPC saw Randy gasping for air.  I was able to call 911 as Randy was wanting to live. Randy was chronic but he could have lived for years.  Randy did not consent to a DNR or a DNT.  He was in a death room with no one there.  GPC was so wanting Randy to die that  night that they forgot to mention to the late night nurse NOT to phone me until after Randy died. Randy did not die that night: faulty miscommunication..

Next step was for VCH to get me banned forever on hearsay evidence.

Randy was 57. I am 70. Randy liked older women.

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