Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Collateral Damage

Remind those who are for euthanasia/assisted suicide/medically assisted death that such deaths might be due to mistakes, coercion or abuse.  Who speaks for the dead after death.  Say NO, NO, NO.

If this is taken out of the Canadian Criminal Code then it is open season to killWhat punishments will there be for mistakes, coercion or abuse.  Do you trust your doctor, do you trust your family. Everyone of us is vulnerable.  With our racing medical advances and legalities, no doctor can keep up: even they are vulnerable should he or his family become ill.

Can anyone live with the thought that you put someone down; at the moment it may seem the right thing to do, but years later it will still be there to haunt you over and over...

Anyone who is a position to make these death decisions should be tested by Dr. Robert Hare to determine if the anyone is psychopathic or not. It is the psychopaths among us who are pushing death as it gives them a commonality to belong to, a group who share no remorse. And these human robots are on their way to controlling us.

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