Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Excepts from Stealth Euthanasia.(1)

A paragraph from Ron Panzer's 2013 online book, Stealth Euthanasia:

You may be surprised but today, many people have adopted the "quality of life" ethic where it's "ok" to end someone's life because they are seriously disabled, very elderly, have dementia or any number of other reasons.
Many of us have become numb to the killings so that we accept an increasingly larger category of lies that may be ended in a medical setting.

And many times, we don't call them "killings. "  We say, "We let him go."  "It was time." and to "let go" is certainly appropriate when someone is truly at the end of life, but when someone is not imminently dying and they end up dead, it really is a "medical killing."

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