Friday, February 6, 2015

A DNR in British Columbia.

From wikipedia


 In 1995, the Canadian Medical Association, the Canadian Hospital Association, the Canadian Nursing Association, and the Catholic Health Association of Canada worked with the Canadian Bar Association to clarify and create a Joint Statement on Resuscitate Interventions guideline for use to determine when and how DNR orders are assigned.[12] DNR orders must be discussed by doctors with the patient or patient agents or patient's significant others. Unilateral DNR by medical professionals can only be used if the patient is in a vegetative state.[12]

In British Columbia it seems that a patient doesn't have to be consulted.   When Randy's DNR was placed on him in November 15 2013 he nor I were consulted.  Only his doctor.  This was criminal mischief by Dr. Dunn. Dr. Dunn never explained why he put the DNR on Randy.  I want to know why.


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