Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flashback: Tanu November 2010

I woke up this morning February 2 2015 shaking in a cold sweat crying and thinking of Randy.
The first day I went to Randy in 2010 (after VGH attempted to hide him)(I found him by accident) I was told by Nurse Ratchet that I was not to touch the bed or be given a chair nor was I allowed to talk to anyone unless I was spoken to first. Trust her she said as she had the power so that I would never see Randy again.  What policy book did she get that from. I am sure there is such a book be it verbal rather than written which only supervisors are privy to.

And she managed to get me 100% banned from seeing Randy in 2014 while he was dying.  There was nothing in the banning letters in January 2014 that said I could see Randy if he was near real death. After his death I cried for months and could do nothing to mitigate my loss.

Who are these people who make a game of demoralizing patients and their families.  And to make it worse to get me banned VCH got outside consultants who did not talk to me but did  write damaging reports that I was not allowed to dispute or know about.  In fact they say what they want because they are protected saying it is confidential. The consultants used hearsay from staff.  What a waste of money. What deceit. If I was an employee I would be horrified that they were doing this to them as well.

Another woman supervisor also told me in 2011 that I would never see Randy even on his death bed.  Her name was Ms. Linda Rose. This was after I asked the Chairman of the Board Kip Woodward for an investigation. When I relayed this to a social worker she said that it was something Linda Rose would do..

Who trains these people to be borderline psychopaths. Or do they just learn it on the job.:It is a game to them to see how long it takes to demoralize their prey. I see no other justification for causing such harm. I scream inside myself knowing how Randy was terrorized not knowing if he would ever see me again.  These medical bully-psychos are all around us in positions of minuet power that slowly compound causing incredible harm bordering on the barbaric. They are actors; they have no guilt or horror. 

I am not the only one they ban from hospitals in this way. It is noticeable: one day family members/friends are there, the next day they are never seen again. Again who is going to go against VCH after you are demoralized . Cameras should be in every ward to make sure that the nurses and patients and family members are treated with respect. I asked for a full investigation into all the allegations from 2010 and it was never done.


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