Thursday, March 19, 2015

Email to TED

March 18 2015 copy of email mailed to where the buck stops: TED, slightly editted…

 On Monday I was told by TED that I wasn't allowed on what I believed was a very large public plaza mostly used by tourists in front of the Vancouver Convention Centre over looking the waterfront  that TED did not want anyone demonstrating on its turf:  TRUTH AND DARE. I did not go to the plaza with the intention of disturbing your delegates.  No fear, no delegate talked to me and no delegate even as much as glanced at my sign: they were too busy I assume with TRUTH and their own isolated personal world.  It did not offend me: it is just the way it is. 

My sign was a kindergarten craft board 20 inches X 30 inches sitting on a small personal grocery cart. And I was with my late husband's little doggie, Owen. The closest I came to the entrance was 500 feet. I was so bored and tired looking at the tourists that I was reading a newspaper sitting on a small blue blanket. My age has given me bad feet so I can’t walk or stand for long.

The information sign reads:  The BC College of Physicians says it is okay to place DNRs on patients without consent.  The secret courts of the College have to go. 

I have been randomly slowly walking the streets of downtown Vancouver with this sign on the shopping cart which also serves as a doggie wagon as Owen the doggie is getting old like me and doesn't want to walk much, he is 17 pounds, part poodle, part terri, cute, every afternoon for the past three weeks (M-F).  

How could TED put out the order to prevent a bereaving senior (first, Randy’s death and then the decision of the College) and Owen or anyone for any reason  from walking on what seems to be a public plaza.

TO: TED, where the buck stops
250 Hudson Street
Suite 1002
New York,
New York

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