Friday, March 20, 2015

Randy and how much he wanted to live

I woke up this morning thinking of Randy and how much he wanted to live.  I remember when we were together I could not understand why he was so angry one day.  I asked if the nurses did something to him.  He said no.  I asked he if Dr. Dunn did something.  He said yes.  I was able to determine that Dr. Dunn told him that he would never get better and Randy was determined to prove him wrong.  Randy told me that he
did not need Dr. Dunn as I would help him.  And then those people said that I was not good for Randy and they got the public guardian and trustee involved so that I would never see Randy again.

The doctors do not work for their patients, their pieces of silver are paid by the government and they do what they are told.. The government says to meet budget projections; so the doctors ration care.

Patients like Randy are encouraged to give up. Randy was chronic and he was expensive to care for.  One doctor tells me that Randy will live and for me not to worry and another one on the same day at a different hospital at the same time puts an unauthorized DNR and DNT on Randy and puts him into a room to die.  A DNT means Do Not Transfer so if you are in a residential care facility you cannot go to an acute hospital: a recipe for certain death.

Being chronically ill is like winning the lottery; there are few winners. Lottery winners are not taxed but the chronically ill are heavily taxed by having their care rationed so their quality/enjoyment of life are lessened.

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